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Some Travel | A Few Weddings, Some Graveyards and many Family Portraits

Just Got Back from Photographing in Carmel…

…And jumped into the frying pan. Literally. My next photo excursion was a 4 hour plane ride from Los Angeles to a place that is famous for floods, graveyards and Cajun cuisine. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. But for good reason. I’ve been super busy photographing and, taking care of my clients comes first. Connie and I had our get-away for a week to Carmel. Came back to photograph an amazing wedding for Natalie and Fabio at the Basilica at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Had an amazing Day-Of portrait session (right after their church ceremony) on the Mission San Juan Capistrano grounds. Then off to the amazing Casa Romantica in San Clemente (One of my favorite wedding venues. Casa Romantica is always blessed with luscious light and a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.) Left the next morning from LAX for New Orleans. Below is a teaser from their wedding and a few images from New Orleans.

P.S. BTW. Have I told you….that I simply love lens flare.

A Bit of Lens Flare and a Week in the South

Just got back from New Orleans, Pictage Partner Conference. Went there to speak to photographers about photography at an event sponsored by my bizz partner and long time On Line print provider Pictage. I gotta tella ya, Jim Collins (CEO) and Simon Anderson (CFO) really have built a Love Cat culture and a great infrastructure for customer care at Pictage. Pictage makes my wedding life really easy by providing superlative service for off site back up of all my wedding images (a must have for professional photographers) and a 24/7 kiosk for my bides, grooms and families to view and purchase their wedding images from all over the globe. Its common at many of the weddings for guests to be visiting from Hong Kong, Paris, Taiwan, Spain and the Czech Republic to name a few places, that all want to see their friend’s wedding images and purchase photographs. Pictage really makes it easy for everyone to view their friends nuptials and purchase prints with top notch service and fluid delivery options.

I’m back in Orange County

On my return for New Orleans I had stacks of real mail and email to contend with. Took a full day just to get through everything. Seriously, eight hours of paper work. Unbelievable but true. What ever happened to a paperless world?

Preparing for a Wedding at Pelican Hill

The day after Thanksgiving, I’d find my self at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach photographing Shannon and Nate’s wedding on a crisp November day. Perfect weather amidst the rain storms that we’ve recently had. The weekend before I photographed 6 family portraits, booked 3 weddings for 2011, and booked 4 family portrait sessions. Throughout the week I was visiting with clients, getting ready for our family Thanksgiving holiday break. Emerson and Claire were out of school for a week and their cousins from Los Angeles were visiting for a few days. I got a bit crazy and painted the studio, took in a new shipment of custom furniture for a new family portrait set and got all my gear ready for Pelican Hill. Whew!

Here’s a few images from the last few weeks. A longer post will be coming soon from my portrait sessions, weddings and travel log.

One of my favorite images from from Natalie and Fabio’s amazing wedding day.

mission san juan capistrano wedding pictures

I love lens flare and how it breathes more life into it.

For the images below there are three light sources interacting here. 1. The diffused light and open shadow from the arch. 2. The lens flare created by the sun rays coming over the top of the buidling. 3. And a the fill light from my 60″ umbrella. I always use on location lighting to get glowing skin tones for all my wedding day bridal and family groupings. A dinky on camera flash just does not cut it.

A favorite indulgence while in New Orleans. Bignet and Chickory coffee at Cafe Dumonde. There are open 24/7. Went there the right after checking in to my hotel. Jones’n for more, I hit up Dumonde two more times, once with a friend and once at midnight on a solo walk after dinner at Emeril’s NOLA off Burbon Street.

Just a random image i took without looking through my viewfinder. Holding up the camera, pointing it towards my subject, and click, click, click. Kinda reminds me of a 60’s ish image from the Mid-West.

David was packing up his 1931 steel guitar in an alcove of an antique store in New Orleans. I offered him some money to photograph him and he oblidged. When I heard his music down the street I thought that it was coming from an amplified source, not an acoustic guitar. He told me that there is a cone inside the guitar the kinda amplies the music naturally. Flat Cuff David is a dope blues musician.

Just outside my hotel the Crowne Astor Plaza, were trollies that took you all over the city for $1.25. A photographer friend of mine, Jay Goldman, told me he was at some cool graveyards the day before. I’ve got this thing for graveyards and find them fascinating, mysterious and beautiful. Who knows, maybe some day I’ll do a book on them. The ground was littered with sea shells from the floods. A colorful porch just outside the Garden District. Jazz is all over the French Quarter. I was out sometimes at 1-2 AM photographing. This image was made at the corner of Burbon and Canal street just outside of my hotel.

A Family Portrait of 4 Generations in Orange County

One of the portraits from last week showing 4 generations from Great Grand Mother, Grand Mother, Mom her daughter and Dad. What a privilige to create this portrait for my clients.

P.S. Can’t wait to go back to New Orleans. The people that I met there are so nice, the food is amazing and there is tons to do and see.

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