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Orange County Children &Family Photography | Kaden, Courtney & Nima

Children Photography in Orange County| Kaden is 1 year old

Children’s 1 Year Birthday Photography 

Children Photography Tips | How to Keep Children’s Attention When Making a Children and Family Portraits

Little Kaden was super shy upon arrival to the studio for his 1 year old children and family photography session.  Lots of times, I greet children first when they are entering our Orange County photography studio, especially if they are shy.  Just as you walk in my studio door there’s a whole bunch of colorful stuffed animals sitting in a big scale.  My favorite stuffed animals are either the red bird {donated by my daughter} think Angry Birds, it has a red Mohawk and makes a tweet, tweet sound.  And then there’s Mr. Monkey.  A small red monkey with dangly arms and legs and a shock of strawberry blonde hair on its head.  As an Orange County children and family photographer, sometimes, its really hard to hold the attention of  little ones when they come into a new environment.  There is so much for their wide eyes to take in.  So often, I’ll put Mr. Monkey on top of my camera to help me make some of my children’s and family photography.  I’ll balance the Red Bird on top of my head.  Kids seems to think that that’s really, really funny.  Kaden really liked Mr. Monkey and the Red Bird.  These stuffed animals and my silliness helped me hold his attention much longer than just calling out his name. orange county children

I can’t make up my mind which one I like better, the B&W or the color? Nope Kaden….sorry….you can’t change the channel.  



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Marc Weisberg is an Orange County based photographer specializing in Luxe Real Estate, Family and Commercial Photography. He’s fun to work with, has a great eye for capturing special family moments and produces clean, crisp, commercial images that help you market your product. Contact Marc by phone 800.943.0414…. or email.
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