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Very Pregnant | Orange County Maternity Photographer | Part 1

Orange County | Magazine Style | Studio Maternity Photographer

Clair and Brandon are expecting their first boy!

In less than four weeks Clair and Brandon will have their first son.  Scarlet and big sister Ava are very excited to meet their new baby brother.  If all goes according to plan, I may be meeting him before his sisters do and very excited about that.  I’ll be photographing the birthing.  I’m praying that its not when I’m in the middle of a family photography session.

portrait of a husband and wife

This is Part 1 of a 3 part maternity photography shoot.  The 2nd part of Clair’s maternity photography session will be this Tuesday at a remote beach in Laguna.  We’ll be doing some gorgeous beach maternity portraits and a couple nudes too.  Clair is beautiful and brave. Part 3 will the at Hoag.

orange county pregnancy portraits mother and her two daughters

I have to give Clair major props for her wardrobe choice.  She brought an amazing amount of clothing choices to the studio and that was great because we could mix and match and chose flattering colors and textures for everyone.  Our shoot was long, about 4 hours.  Non-typical for a maternity session.  Typically maternity sessions are about 1-1.5 hours.  Clair never seemed to tire.   We fed her a banana, cocoanut water and she had some protein bars too.  After the shoot she was ready for Japanese food but then changed her mind and was craving a steak!

sisters kissing momy
Scarlet and Ava are hysterical. They have so much personality. I photographed the girls a year ago for my Make-A-Wish Project. Scarlet would say to me: “No way Jose!” I thought it was the cutes thing. But her mom outlawed it now that she’s gotten a bit older, due to the fact that if she doesn’t want to do something she’ll tell her mom…”No way Jose!”
It was great to have the whole family involved in the maternity photo-session.  Its no secret that I love photographing children.  After a while Scarlet hit the nap wall and her Grandmother was there to take the girls home.  She fell asleep in the back set after about 5 minutes, which is a good thing considering she was having a mild meltdown at the studio.  Everyone gets cranky when they are tired.
husband and wife maternity photo-shoot pictures black and white, color

cute baby doll maternity outfit orange county maternity photographer
Truth be told, I have a knit fetish. IMO knits always add a wonderful texturual quality to the maternity photo-session. And Clair’s open, pink sweater is the prefect feminine touch and down right gorgeous on her, especially when combined with her pink ruffled boy shorts. Props to Clair for her choice of great clothing accessories.

black and white and color maternity portraits in orange county

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