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Outdoor Portraits of Two Sisters

I Love Photographing Children

Kids Are Amazing – Their Range of Expressions and Things That They Say Are So Funny.

Little Chloe is so adorable, I don’t know how she contains herself and all her energy in her little body.  You can see by her many faces that she is extremely expressive both in her facial expressions and her vocal range.  I asked her if she has ever seen a princess and she told me yes….”Right behind you!”  Her mom was standing right behind me.  She definitely got extra brownie points from her mom and from me with that sweet and innocent exclaimation.  Mom did a great job with clothing selection for her children.  You’ll notice that Chloe’s and Madeline’s pink flower ties in nicely with the pink flowers on Chloe’s shirt and Madeline’s pink sweater.

funny portriats of a 2 year old girl orange county family photographer marc weisberg

All the images of Chloe above are photographed with my 50 1.2 at 1/1600 sec, ISO 500 at f1.6, to create some lovely bokeh while keeping her eyes tack sharp.

outdoor family portriat of a 7 year old girl, orange county family photographer marc weisberg

Bring Out the Best of Madeline’s Features

Madeline has the most gorgeous long, blond hair and amazing blue eyes.  I wanted to make sure that her portraits highlighted both of these features.  Keep in mind all the photography on this page is natural light.  In the children’s portraits of Madaline {above} the light is coming from the right left, except for the middle image.  In the middle portrait of her,  the light is coming almost directly opposite her face.  Madeline’s body is purposefully turned a bit away from the setting sun and then her face is turned slighting back towards the camera so that there is a bit of shadow on the right side of her face.  To highlight her hair and show of the shape of her face I asked her to move all her hair to one side of her face. Typically this is the side with less light.

how to photograph pretty blue eyes

How To Photograph Your Child and Get the True Color of Your Children’s Eyes

When light is hitting the iris {the colored part of the eye} it will illuminate the eye color of the iris will show all the eye color and depth.  In all three portraits, the light is soft, not bright and hard.  Soft light wraps around the face, makes the skin look soft and smooth and gives a smooth transition from highlights to shadow.  Essentially there are two elements.  1) I look  for Soft Directional Light on location.   Its how I photograph the majority of my portraits.    2)  Direction of Light:  Anytime your subject’s face is turned back towards the the light the iris will be illuminated.  It’s that simple. Experiment.  I’ve been creating children and family portraits for over 12 years, so I’m very used to finding soft, directional light on location like this.  And I know what the light will do and what it won’t do for me.  If you are looking to make gorgeous children’s portraits you need to start thinking more like a photographer and find gorgeous light.

Open shade is your friend.  Open shade can be found under a tree, under and overhang or in the shadow of a building.  Combine that with the direction of the light and you’ve got a natural formula for portrait magic.  Your child’s face must either face the direction that the light is coming from or the light must be reflecting off surface {preferably a white surface} or bouncing off something that will allow the face to be lit naturally.  This will allow eyes to be illuminated so the eye color can be seen.  Sounds easier than it is, it takes some experimenting to get in the zone and create that magic for the perfect family portrait.  Below is a close up of Madeline employing the same available light technique as the three portraits above.  The direction of the setting sun is more frontal.  In this close up below you can more easily see her amazing blue her eyes.  You’ve gotta get light in your kids eyes.  No Light = Dull Eyes and No Color in the Iris.

portriat of 2 sisters in the park orange county family photographer marc weisberg {Below}  I asked Chloe if she’d marry me when she get’s older.  She just laughed.  Hahahahahah!  outdoor portriat of a 2 year old girl, orange county family photographer marc weisberg {Below}  Its obvious that Chloe and Madeline are best friends. color portriat of 2 sisters orange county family photographer marc weisberg black & white portriat of 2 sisters orange county family photographer marc weisberg Below:  Chloe doing her priate aka Captain Hook impression. portriat of a two year old girl orange county family photographer marc weisberg dot com

Marc Weisberg is an award winning photographer and Sony Artist of Imagery based in Irvine, California. Specializing in Luxury Architecture & Real Estate Photography, Food + Wine Photography, and Weddings & Family Photography, he’s easy to work with and produces clean, crisp, and technically flawless images. Marc’s photography is published internationally in over a dozen books and magazines. You can contact Marc by phone at 949.494.5084…. or email.

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