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Willow @ 16 Days | Orange County Newborn Baby Photographer

Orange County | Newborn Baby Photographer

Sleeping Newborn Baby in a Basket

I still remember the first time I ever photographed a newborn baby.  It was a boy and I’d photographed his mommy and daddy’s wedding.  Alex was beautiful and naked and on the dining room table.  He let loose of an arched stream of warmth, that went from the table to the carpet.   He was no doubt a budding Olympian.   The second time I photographed a newborn baby, it was mom and dad’s first born.   Savanah was less than 2 weeks old and peed on daddy’s leg and then projectile vomited all over her mom.  It was something to behold.  Glad it wasn’t me.  I was unscathed both times.  And still, to this day, I remain unscathed from newborn baby’s bodily functions.  I’ve definitely cleaned up my share of baby pee.  But never had to do poop patrol in the studio.

Willow {below} was about as perfect as any newborn baby could be to photograph.  She remained in slumber land just about the whole time.  Started the session out by leaving mom a little present in her blanket.  Her mommy had to breast feed her once to induce the necessary lactate coma.  But she really was not fussy and just slept blissfuly though her photo-session.  Maybe it had something to do with the Sleepy Fairy Dust we sprinkled on her?  She was a tiny, moldable, bundle of love.  I really love the pink blanket that Willow’s Grandmother knitted for her.  Its the perfect color for her skin and the texture is lovely.


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Marc Weisberg is an award winning photographer and Sony Artist of Imagery based in Irvine, California. Specializing in Luxury Architecture & Real Estate Photography, Food + Wine Photography, and Weddings & Family Photography, he’s easy to work with and produces clean, crisp, and technically flawless images. Marc’s photography is published internationally in over a dozen books and magazines. You can contact Marc by phone at 949.494.5084…. or email.

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