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Professional Head Shots for Children | Orange County

Irvine Children and Family Photographer

Orange County Children’s Photographer

I havn’t blogged for a few months.  Been super, super busy.  And that’s a good thing.  I’ve also been having a love affair with this and this.  Right now my wife doesn’t know anything about my affair.  And I hope that she doesn’t catch on.  But I just can help myself.  It was love at first sight!  A few changes here at the studio.  You can read about it at the bottom of the post.  Good news is I have over 10 posts all quede up to go live.

p.s.  I’m looking for a talented Graffiti artist.  If you know of one please have’m contact me.  My studio number is 949.679.1340.

Professional Head Shots for Children Orange County

Irvine | Orange County | Children’s Head Shot Photographer

Kevin, Golden’s dad is an amazing singer. He also teaches music at TVT and is adored by his students.  Kevin and I met recently at a Bar Mitzvah that I was commissioned to photographed at the JCC.  Kevin and his band tore it up.  If you are looking for an amazing band, with sax, drummer, guitarists, lead and bass and some killer vocals.  Give me a shout out and I’ll connect you with Kevin and his posee.

It took Kevin and I a while to connect for Golden’s head shots.  I’ve just been so busy at my studio lately.  Golden is a really handsome kid with a very cool name. I mean really.  The kid has got it made.  I mean his future is…well…Golden!

The camera loves Golden and he loves the camera right back.  At 9 years old I’d say the world is his oyster.

Two Essential Ingredients to a Successful Children’s Head Shot Session

There are two things in my mind that make or break a children’s modeling head shot.  #1.  The lighting.  #2.  The posing.  For lighting I used a 4x6ft Larson softbox camera right and a white fill card camera left.  For posing I just gave Golden allot of direction.  There is no way, well typically no way that a 9 year old will know how to hold his posture and pose and articulate the slight angle of his head naturally, so that he looks his best.  Its also really important that Golden felt relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.  I tend to talk allot and joke allot with my clients when photographing them.  This puts my subject at ease and takes his mind off being photographed.  It diffuses any tension too, of being the center of attention.  Not everyone is comfortable with being the center of attention for 20-30 minutes.  Notice the great “catch light” in Golden’s eyes.  That’s no accident.  Its a function of soft box placement and the positioning of the head relative to the softbox.  All subtle but key elements of a successful and relaxed children’s head shot, which capture’s Golden at his best and shows off the essence of his personality.  Kudos to Golden, nicely done my man!

p.s. BTW, Golden showed Justin Bieber how to style his hair. 🙂

River Winslow that is…..There are families and then their are the Winslow’s.  And then there is River, who is full of personality.  Happy, care free, a bit cooky [in a great way!} and just plain fun! River is one lucky kid.  His mom and dad are just super down to earth and very open with their fun sides.  During River’s children and family portrait session River, mommy and daddy laughed, played, made funny faces and just had a blast.  Not afraid to let their personalities shine through.  No aires or pretenses just pure fun.  What a great way to raise a kid.  For them and for me this was the perfect children and family photography session.  This IS my perfect client.  You just can’t fake this kind of emotion and close family bond.

kids head shots orange county marc weisberg photography

p.s. Last month I moved my children’s and family photography studio from Old Town Tustin [was there for 3 years] to Irvine.  Just adjacent to John Wayne Airport, on the corner of Main and Red HIll.  The reason for the move was to get better AT&T reception. 🙂  AT&T reception in my Tustin studio was pittyful. 🙁  I needed to go outside the studio to use my iPhone.  Not any more though.  The new studio is much larger with a bigger shooting area and client area, and lots and lots of daylight too.

The move took place in May, 3 days after my birthday.  My sister Dr. Jill, Connie and Claire helped me pack up.  B&C Movers did the move for me.  They rock.  It’s the 3rd time of used B&C and they simply take great care with what they do.  The are efficient, clean and fast.  Couldn’t be happier with them.  If you need a great moving company call Dave at (949) 472-1131.

Before the move we started renovations in early May.  They reno’s were finished by The last week of May.   We demoed out the bathroom, ripped down a drop ceiling giving us another 4ft of head room, built on a dressing room and built in some extra storage too.  After the reno’s were finished, it took about 1 week of 14 hour days to whip the new studio into shape.  And I absolutely love it.  It’s a big, clean, comfortable and inviting. children’s and family photography studio.  Pictures coming in the next few weeks.

Marc Weisberg is an award winning photographer and Sony Artist of Imagery based in Irvine, California. Specializing in Luxury Architecture & Real Estate Photography, Food + Wine Photography, and Weddings & Family Photography, he’s easy to work with and produces clean, crisp, and technically flawless images. Marc’s photography is published internationally in over a dozen books and magazines. You can contact Marc by phone at 949.494.5084…. or email.

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