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Maternity Portraits in Laguna Beach

Maternity Portraits at the Beach

Magazine Style | Laguna Beach Maternity Portraits

I met Brandon and Clair about a year ago, when I first photographed their two adorable daughters, Ava and Scarlet at the park.  As fate would have it and a bit of luck form the pregnancy gods, Brandon and Clair are blessed with a little boy, Duran.  Brandon is an artist and furniture designer.  Clair is a gemologist and jewelry designer and she had something very specific in her mind for her maternity portraits.  She wanted to have her maternity portraits done at the beach.  Specifically 1,000 Steps in Laguna Beach.  Sound romantic huh?  And it is.

The hard part was getting down the 250 stairs to the beach.  I was carrying my photo and lighting gear solo And after about 50-60 steps it got really, really heavy.  Brandon was carrying a small department store of  clothing over his shoulder.  I think in all they did about 4 clothing changes.  And Clair, well she was very, very pregnant and had to navigate the stairs carefully and slowly.

The weather could not have been more perfect, just the right temperature too.  The shoot was in mid-May, before school got out.  This maternity portrait would have been way different if we’d done it in June.  The beach would have been overrun with kids and family enjoying the ocean, soaking up the sun and the spectacular views.  As luck would have it we pretty much had the beach to ourselves for the shoot.  We were also blessed with an amazing sunset.  Can’t show you those photos though for privacy reasons.


maternity portraits at the beach
Newborn Photography

Within the frame work of Magazine Style Children & Family photography is newborn photography.  I’ve had the privilege of photographing dozens of newborn babies over the last few years.  Each newborn session is different.  And I’m always amazed at how perfect each newborn is.  The cutest little baby parts.  Mini me’s of mommy and daddy.  One thing is consistant overall.  All babies need love from mommy and daddy, they all pee and poop right after they are fed.  After the poop or pee they are ready to fall asleep.  Mostly……k Over the past week I’ve been photographing Duran [the newest addition to their family] in the buff and Clair and Brandon together with their baby. They are a lovely family to work with.

Duran, needed a bit a of time to settle down during his afternoon session. He had a Dr.’s visit that morning and had just gotten some shots. Clair thought his inoculations had given him gas. He was clearly cranky and gassy.   It took him over and hour to settle down and fall blissfully asleep [Duran’s newborn portraits coming in the next few weeks.].  Scarlett is the youngest and she is a pistol. We were talking about a cartoon Angelina Ballerina that she was watching on daddy’s iPhone.  I’d never heard of it before.  But essentially its central characters are pink mice. So I asked Scarlett is she had a tail too.  She scrunched up her face and told me in her little gravely voice, in no uncertain terms, that she was a girl and the she had a bottom not a tail!  Her older sis Ava is very smart and occupied her self in the studio by reading an animal book that she shared with me. She knew her animals very well and knew some facts about some animals that I didn’t even know. Both their Scarlett and Ava attend private school and it really does show. They are creative and smart and mommy and daddy really spend time nurturing those qualities in them.

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