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Orange County Children and Family Photographer | Portrait Two Sisters in the Park

Orange County Children and Family Photographer

Outdoor Portraits of Two  Sisters

Went to one of my favorite outdoor locations in Orange County a few weeks ago to make some children’s portraits of two sisters.  For outdoor shoots, my children’s portrait sessions take place during the early evening when the sun is lower in the sky.   I keep this park a secret.  It’s totally off the grid and I’ve never seen another photographer there.  What I love about this park is that it is in a “bowl.”  Most Orange County parks are on flat land.  Being in a bowl, the light is filtered and softer for a least three hours in the early evening.  If it was a flat land park, which most are, I’d have to wait until 30 min. before sunset to shoot, because the light would be too harsh.  And, most parks do not have the privacy and variety of shooting locations that my secret park has.

Clothing Choices for Orange County Children’s Photography

Below are some perfect examples of colors and textures for any children’s photography session.  Great use of color and texture, that compliment skin tone, eye color and contrast perfectly with the park environment.  You can get more clothing tips here.

Perfect Place for Outdoor Children’s Portraits

Normally for children’s photography I’d have the girls take their shoes off for their portraits.  But their cute little silver shoes matched their outfits perfectly.   Another thing I love about my secret park is that it has so many different places for children’s photography.   Open, well manicured, grassy fields, long walk ways, old style rail road tie stairs and great tree stumps to sit on.

p.s.  I really like the addition of the leg warmers.  Great use of texture and a wonderful accessory when used properly.

Children and Family photography done on location in Orange County.

Marc Weisberg is an Orange County based photographer specializing in Luxe Real Estate, Family and Commercial Photography. He’s fun to work with, has a great eye for capturing special family moments and produces clean, crisp, commercial images that help you market your product. Contact Marc by phone 800.943.0414…. or email.
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