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Orange County Professional Headshot Photographer | Amy & Jaxson | A Girl’s Best Freind

Professional Headshot Photography | A Girl and Her Dog

Amy and Her Best Friend | Irvine Photography Session

Orange County Headshot Photography

As a professional photographer I’m often commissioned to create on location headshots for my clients that have more of a lifestyle reportage spin to them.  Such was the case for Amy and Jaxson below.  Amy called me and needed some professional heads shots of her and her dog. But she also wanted to capture her water dog Jaxson,  a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, in all his glory.  We discussed going to the beach and Amy let me know since Jax is a water dog, he’d flip-out and want to play in the water all the time.  So we thought about a few locations and decided on a wonderful leash free park.  I had a blast with Amy and Jax.  We spent the first hour or so just focusing on Jax.  Then the next hour plus just about till sunset on Amy’s headshots.  And then Amy and Jax together.  They are very close, she raised him from a pup.

Can you believe it?  The U.S. Humane Society estimates that there is something like 78.2 million licensed dogs in the Unite States!  That’s allot of canines.  A few more stats:  Thirty-nine percent of U.S. households own at least one dog; Most of owners own three or more dogs; On average, owners have almost two dogs.  Kudos to dog owners.  I love dogs, but couldn’t imagine owning three.  Respect to the dog owners.  But then again, my sister Dr. Jill has two humongous [albiet gorgeous and constantly shedding] Maine Coons.  And for her, they are her kids.  She recently spent more the $10,000 [not a typo] on one of her cats because it was sick.  This is not uncommon for pet owner to do.  I know of may pet owners that have paid dearly for hip replacements and to fix botched back surgeries for their pups.

beautiful woman and dog pictures

nova scotia duck trolling retriever pictures Jaxs’ breeder wanted to keep him as a show dog, but Amy convinced her that Jax and Amy belonged together. Love at first sight! They make a fine pair as you can see in her professional photography headshot session.  Jax is super playful and has a very expressive face. He’s also very obedient and food driven. So it was pretty easy to keep his attention with treats.


Amy needed professional head shots for upcoming seminars that she’ll be doing on trading in the stock market.  And who doesn’t love a dog?  In keeping with her lifesytle, Amy wanted to keep the look and feel casual.  She brought along a few changes of clothes and some jewelry with her.  Minimal makeup because she has beautiful skin.  Everything is shot natural light.  I love the color of her eyes.  The just pop in the late afternoon sun.

irvine orange county professional head shots outdoors pictures

Marc Weisberg is an award wining photographer based in Irvine, California specializing in Luxury Architecture & Real Estate Photography, Weddings & Family Photography and Commercial Photography. He’s fun to work with and produces beautiful, timeless, emotive images. Marc’s wedding and commercial photography is published in over a dozen books. You can contact Marc by phone at 800.943.0414…. or email.

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