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40 is the New 29! | Beauty Photography & Fashion Photography for Moms

Beauty Photography and Fashion | Photography for Moms

Beauty photography and fashion photography is not just for 20 somethings ….

Creating beautiful photography portraits and making your client feel wonderful about themselves is what its all about. This year Jennifer is celebrating fifteen years of marriage and her fortieth birthday!  And for Jen, forty is the new twenty nine!  Making stunning beauty photography portraits where Jen felt pretty, {sexy ~ she didn’t say sexy ~ I did} and beautiful was really important to her.  As i turned the camera around to show her how amazingly beautiful she looked during her beauty photography and fashion photography portrait session,  she said:  “Wow, its so nice to see myself  so beautiful after having four kids.”  If you are reading this and you are a mom a dad or single person, just imagine the patience, love, understanding and time each day that it takes to raise four children.  It’s a special, full time, 24/7 herculean, life experience. beauty photography and fashion photography

During her photography session Jen mentioned that something happened and she never had the opportunity to have wedding photographs taken on her wedding day.  So, this beauty session took on even more importance to her.  I know for myself as I get older I work out more at the gym and make sure to take care of my health even more.  I don’t feel quite as invincible as I did when I was 20 years old!  

A Great Make Up Artist is Essential | For a Successful Beauty Photography Session

Jennifer is not a model but she shure looks like one.  You can tell she takes really good care of herself.  She took my recommendation and visited with a fab MUA {make up artist}  that I recommended Lori Gatuso.  One look at Lori’s web site and you’ll see she a pro! I’ve known Lori for a number of years now, and she has an infectious enthusiasm for life and is so easy to work with.  Everyone that I send her way absolutely love her.  Jennifer also picked out some great outfits and accessories to wear to for her beauty photography and fashion photography session.  

Amazing Studio Lighting and Great Posing Direction

You Don’t Have to be a Model | But You Can Look Like One!

We had all the perfect ingredients for a successful beauty photography and fashion portrait shoot.  But what if the lighting totally sucked?  If the studio lighting sucked, Jenn’s beauty photographs would have turned out awful instead of awesome.

Beautiful Light = Beautiful Portraits

For a women’s beauty photography and fashion photography portrait session I use Calmshell lighting. For this type of beauty photography lighting the softbox is positioned at a 45 degree angle just above your subject.  The top of the softbox is just above the subject’s head and the bottom of the softbox is tilted down just above the camera lens.  You’ll notice a double catch light.  One at the top of the iris from the softbox.  A second catchlight is at the bottom of her iris.  The second catchlight is created from the light of the softbox reflecting back into Jenifer’s face.  I could have used a strip box from the bottom too, but instead I used a 3o” Lastolite Trigrip silver reflector positioned on a 45 degree angle, as close to her as possible, just below the camera frame and lens.  It’s held in place by a Bogen Super Clamp and Bogen Variable Friction Arm attached to a light stand with another Bogen Super Clamp.  No assistant and hands free reflectivity.  Shot with a Canon Mark III and a 24-70mm 2.8 L @ f11, 200 ISO @ 250sec, on Lexar media.

Art & Posing Direction | During a Beauty Photography and Fashion Photography Shoot

During a beauty and fashion photography shoot the smallest things make a huge difference.

  1. The slightest Tilt of the Head – angling of the head, moving the chin up or down, turning toward or away from the camera for a 7/8’s view of the face:  one of the most pleasing views of a woman’s face.
  2. Hand Position –  natural or slightly exaggerated, hands can frame the face and be used to direct the eye in the image.
  3. Facial Expression – natural smile, engage your subject with conversation, i often ask a model to just part their lips a bit.  BTW your laughter will put them at ease and make them smile or laugh.  So laugh allot add allot to her natural beauty.
  4. Hair Styling – for some of the shots I pulled Jennifer’s hair all the way over to one side, brought it over one eye or pulled it back just a bit so that I didn’t cover her eyes.
  5. Direction and Posing  – Takes practice.  I’ll cover this in my upcoming posing and lighting class.
The first thing I always make sure of is that whowever is in front of the camera is super comfortable.   It took Jennifer a few minutes to warm up, but when I turned the camera around and showed her how beautiful she looked and shared my excitement of how great her images were turning out, she instantly got more comfortable.
Some people find directing-posing for beauty photography and fashion portraits easy others find it challenging.  I’m talking about both the subject and the photographer.  It takes practice.  Just make sure you are deliberate.  Most people, unless they are a model need some posing direction.  As a photographer you need to have a critical eye toward small things especially when you are photographing tight shots.  People sense when you are not sure of yourself.  You’ll find that it will build confidence to be deliberate, clear and concise with your direction.  Recently I learned a valuable lesson about a directing mistake I was making for years.  When I was asking someone to turn their torso towards me, what I should have said is turn your hips towards me.  The one thing I’ll always tell my models portrait clients is that any physical adjustment I ask them to make is a micro adjustment.  They get it when I say micro ….. as in small.  So that when i direct them their movements are subtle and small instead of demonstrative and big.  Remember its all about small nuances.

That’s how I throw down!

p.s. I’m setting up Goolge + today see you there soon.

Marc Weisberg is an award wining photographer based in Irvine, California specializing in Luxury Architecture & Real Estate Photography, Weddings & Family Photography and Commercial Photography. He’s fun to work with and produces beautiful, timeless, emotive images. Marc’s wedding and commercial photography is published in over a dozen books. You can contact Marc by phone at 800.943.0414…. or email.

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