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One of my best friends Paulina an amazing photographer lives in Stockholm. We met years ago during a seminar that we both took at the start of our careers. This was an amazingly fun wedding we photographed on the sea side island of Marstrand in Sweden. Jan Eric Osterlund at the time, owned one of the largest privately owned sailing ships in the world. He named the ship Adele, after is mother. And it didn’t stay at the dock. After the wedding he and Jennifer sailed around the world for two years and then published a book about their travel adventures. My photograph of Jan Eric is on the back cover of the book. Sweet!
The wedding took place in a small red church built in the late 1700’s and the reception at a small manor built around 1780. It was a once in a life time event for Jan Eric and his new bride Jennifer whom he met while sailing in the Philippines. The wedding was an event that lasted an entire week. And guest traveled from England and France to attend.
Before the wedding day, I walked the island with Jan Eric and his adopted sons. I made some casual portrait at a stone fortress built in the 1500’s of him and his boys. Then we got dressed on the yacht and ferried over to the main land for their ceremony.

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