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A Castle Green Wedding in Pasadena

Both Carol and Bob are musicians. Carol is a singer and Bob a guitar, and bass player and he has a recording studio that he built in their home. There wedding was nothing short of amazing. Their day was filled with emotion and laughter. The wedding day started out at the Castle Green in Pasadena. The Castle Green is a Moorish Colonial and Spanish style building, that dates back to 1898.

Seeing Each Other Before Your Wedding

Carol and Bob smartly decided to see each other before their ceremony at All Saints Episcopal Church. Seeing each other before hand, made it possible for them to do all their family and bridal party photographs before their ceremony and freed them up for the rest of their wedding day to just relax and enjoy their family and friends. All Saints Episcopal Church is particularly beautiful. Established in 1883 its exterior is constructed of stone masonry, and the interior is dark mahogany.

A Musical Wedding Celebration

During their reception at All Saints Episcopal Church, they had a trio of wonderful classic Spanish musicians. And at the Castle Green for their wedding dinner celebration, they had a 30 piece orchestra, a Rock A Billy band and a Jazz quartet. Carol sang opera and Bob jammed with his buddies playing the bass and guitar. Almost all the musicians are Los Angeles studio musician that perform with some big names. One of the guys I met was a studio musician with Barbra Streisand.

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