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Island Hotel | Newport Beach Wedding Photography | CRAZY BOOTH!

Here’s a way to spice up your wedding. Treat your guests to a fun filled memorable time. And make some amazingly CRAZY and fun portraits. Jannice and Jeff surprised me and brought their own props for their CRAZY BOOTH. Wigs, a coon skin cap, hats, boas and funky sun glasses. But you don’t need to bring any props at all. The CRAZY BOOTH is an excuse to be campy, goofy and get crazy!

Tabel Shots are BORING!

Let’s face it. Going from table to table and doing “table shots” is BORING! Why?

  1. You can barely see anyone at the table.
  2. The lighting often times is pretty bad.
  3. Every one has a their camera smile on.
  4. You’ll be missing out on all the cool stuff below.
  5. Chances are you’re never going to do anything with those photos.

The CRAZY BOOTH is fun!

We arrived earlier in the day at the Island Hotel and set up our CRAZY BOOTH! There’s only one rule and one excuse. The rule is that you must get CRAZY. There’s only one excuse: You have NO SENSE OF HUMOR.
Let’s face it. Having a CRAZY BOOTH is so much cooler that BORING table shots.

  1. You’ll have a blast and all your friends will talk about it long after your wedding.
  2. Be silly and be remembered.
  3. Look at everyone’s faces their having a blast!
  4. Be honest….this IS cool.
  5. You’ll want to put these photographs in your wedding album or make a totally separate album of them.
  6. They’ll make eye spectacular thank you cards.