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A Do It Yourself Backyard Wedding in Los Angeles

When i first met Wren and Pete they were extremely excited about their DIY backyard wedding at their uncles house in Tarzana, Los Angeles. They shared with some of the small details that they’d been working on with me that would make their wedding special and personal. Wren, Pete and their families worked on their uncle’s backyard for about a year, trees were pruned and strewn with lanterns, vintage 50’s cars dotted the expansive yard, candles in Mason jars lit pathways, hand labeled miniature bottles tied with yellow ribbon were filled with homemade vanilla for guest favors, and, hand written place cards hung clothes-pinned to twine on a white picket fence.

An Intimate and Personalized Wedding

The stage was set for an intimate and fully personalized wedding without breaking the bank. Wren’s dad showed off his craftsmanship with artisan copper birds cut from thick pieces of copper. After all, Wren is named after a small brown song bird. So you can already guess what kind of copper bird adorned their head table. In fact, each table featured a distinctly different type of handmade copper bird gleaming in the sun like aq kind of over sized hood ornament. To know Wren is to know she is full of life and excitement and does a little dance when she gets excited about stuff. On her wedding day she did many little dances.

The Love of Family and Friends was the Finishing Personal Touch for Their Wedding

And in true DIY fashion Wren and Pete’s wedding was a truly personalized success! I’ve photographed quite a few backyard weddings. Something I experience at backyard or home based events is a remarkable and unmistakable familial closeness. The love of family and friends was the finishing touch. The amount of vision and time that went into planning and producing a DIY event just makes it a bit more special.

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