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San Francisco Bay Area | Destination Wedding Photography

Some times life is just unpredictable. How I came to photograph Mindy and Greg’s wedding is an interesting story.
Mindy + Greg are so IN LOVE and so adorable! I met them while photographing my friend Carlos’s wedding at the Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar. During Carlos and Christine’s wedding, I made a quick snap shot of Mindy and Greg at their table. Mindy told her mom: “Mom, that’s the best photograph of me ever…i want Marc to photograph my wedding.” Thank you Mindy, Linda, Don, Greg, Bill and Sherri. ! It was so much fun spending the day with you and your families. You made Connie and I feel so comfortable. Linda and Don, thank you so much for putting us up in the swank Stanford Park Hotel.
Connie and I toured Stanford University the day after the wedding. Now i can say went to Stanford. I always wanted to be an Ivy Leaguer. LOL!!! If you haven’t gone to Stanford. GO! It was my second time there and the history of (founder, former CA governor and developer of the Trans American Rail Road,) Leland Stanford, his family and the Stanford campus is nothing short of amazing. Be sure to go to the free (world class) museum on campus with a ton of Rodin’s in their sculpture garden. So many that you’d think August attended Stanford. Connie and I took in an amazing photography exhibit contrasting Muybridge, Watkins, and Ansels’ Yosemite photographs. And without a doubt, I saw, what I believe to be the finest print ever by Ansel. The image is a landscape of Yosemite taken after the snow had fallen on the pines. The sharpness of the image and contrast between the deep blacks and the white snow was astonishing. Hat’s off to Ansel’s Zone printing system. I had no idea that Muybridge was a commissioned photographer to the Stanford’s or that he had photographed Yosemite. The Edward Muybridge, I know is famous for his photographic motion studies. E.M. was a passionate outdoors-man and rubbed elbows with aristocrats. I love learning new things!
The guy in the middle was a bit stiff but had really good jokes.Check out the moves on the flower girl below. Its all about her.Tears of joy for Mindy and a look of love from Greg.In case your wondering what venue? This is Greg’s family’s backyard.
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