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Lisa & Earl Wanted to Throw a Big Party for their Close Friends & Family

Lisa & Earl are a bit avante guard. They modernized the idea of a traditional wedding. No grand entrance, not first or father daughter, mother son dances, not garter toss, not even a wedding cake. Earl danced down the isle and then he and his guys broke out into an acappella gospel song.

Just a Simple Sunday Wedding Sunday Brunch

Lisa and Earl just wanted to have a big weekend brunch party with their close friends and family and they pulled it off gracefully. Having a non-traditional wedding gave them some options typically not available to a formal affair. A the top of their agenda was photography that was a bit different and non-traditional.

  1. Lisa & Earl had over an hour of quality time to for their “couples” photography.
  2. There was over an hour to photograph Lisa, Earl and their kids.
  3. Plenty of time to mingle with friends and family.
  4. Absolutely no set agenda to follow.

Off to the images…….
Lisa’s father is a third generation stone mason and part American Indian. I took a picture of the wall where Lisa & Earl were wed and used it as a texture in some of the photographs that follow including the one below of Lisa’s dad.The guys singing acappella gospel.Just having some fun blowing bubbles. Lisa’s daughter was having a moment. Not sure what it was but something emotional.Lisa’s father and I were talking about these stone buildings and he told me that they were warehouses built around the turn of the century and were due to be razed soon. A perfect backdrop for their portrait session.I love the simple lines of Lisa’s dress and the way the fabric hugs her body. Lisa was super proud of her physique and wanted to show it off. Her house is on an acre plus and she’d been raking lots of leaves and developed some sexy lats and lots of arm muscles too.Below: One of my favorite images from the day.

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