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 These Kids are Hysterical | And They are TWINS!

Had a blast with the Raglin’s.  What a great, fun family to photograph.  When I met everyone and said high, William the little toe head, was very outspoken and Oliva was very shy, clinging to mommy’s leg.  So,  made sure to pay allot of attention to Oliva and she started warming up to me and the idea of a fun family portrait.  I can always tell how much the kids are loved by their parents by  how well adjusted they are.  Oliva and William are, happy, silly, light hearted, laughing throughout their family photo-session and they both had a blast.
orange county fun family photographer for children

Telling  Secrets

We were all walking from one location to another for more family groupings and I asked the twins to sit on the stairs and tell each other a secret and photographed their reactions from about 40 feet away with a telephoto lens.  close up fun portrait of a young girl orange county family photographer

How To Create Great Close Up Portraits of Your Children

I love creating close up portraits of kid’s faces.  It’s important to keep them engaged in playtime during your photographic process.  So I sing, tell them a story or just act totally goofy to keep them engaged so that they forget the process of being photographed which lets their personality come out and play. Nothing trumps natural expression.close up fun portrait of a young boy orange county family photographer