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Grandfather and Grandson Photo-Shoot

Magazine Style Kids Photo-Session with 3 year old Killian and Grandpa Ernie

Grandpa Drives His Corvette Really Fast!

Had a wonderful Grandpa and Me two generations session this morning with some lovely clients.  Ernie’s daughter Tracy had purchased a gift certificat for her mother and father as a Xmas present.  What a wonderful gift for the grandparents.  So it either and early or a last Xmas present.  Ernie is a lovely gentleman, married to his lovely wife of forty years.  After being a dentist for forty years, he’s retired now and enjoy a life of leisure.  Expect when he goes 160 mph in his 05′ grey Corvette {when no one else is in the car with him}.  When Killian arrived he was super shy and a bit bratty.  Can I say that?  Well his mom called him a stinker so I guess I can.  But we soon became fast friends and have plans to go fishing next week.
three year old boy and granddad photo session pictures

A Relaxed, Fun and Enjoyable Family Photography Experience

Killian is adorable and has an enchanting laugh.  My approach to magazine style children and family portraiture is always an easy going and relaxed,  filled with impromptu pauses to chat, tell jokes and learn more about my clients.  All the while taking great care to give direction and make sure that Ernie and Killian were completely relaxed and having fun so that they’d both look great.  Something that may not be noticeable at all is the subtle and calculated use of a flattering light source.  This is accomplished with a 4’x6′ Larson softbox which provides a soft light source akin to window light and provides beautiful skin tones.  My ability to put people at ease, my ability to make it a fun and enjoyable family photography experience and my ability to deliver the results that my clients want to put me at the top of the list for magazine style children and family photography for my Orange County, Los Angeles, and South County clients.