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Orange County Executive Portrait Photographer

Portraits of Orange County CEO Lou Weiss

Orange County Executive Portait Photography
Last week I had the honor of photographing Orange County CEO Lou Weiss who was in need of an executive portrait for the upcoming Anual Tarbut V’Torah benefit. Lou is a warm, gentle man who exudes happiness. He has 3 adult children living from the west coast to the east coast. Lou lost his wife to cancer which prompted him to start Longevity™ EDSL (Early Detection Saves Lives). An extrembly reasonably priced early detection preventative medical screening center ….

About Longevity
Longevity’s mission is to prevent death and disability from heart disease, stroke, and cancer by providing affordable, high quality medical screenings. The best way to fight cardiovascular disease and cancer is through early detection and prevention.
Since 1994, Longevity has conducted over 40,000 onsite screenings and has saved many lives. Participants receive same-day results as well as a physician follow-up from our Board Certified Radiologist within three weeks of the screening.
We make getting screened easy and convenient by bringing our mobile team of highly trained ultrasound technicians and equipment to a location near you. Longevity screens the employees of many of the largest companies and organizations in our community including; government agencies, educational institutions, large businesses, and medical facilities. Longevity is proud to serve our community by working with our partner organizations to save lives through early detection.
Longevity provides peace of mind through preventative medical screenings. We save lives by preventing individuals from unnecessarily suffering from a heart attack, stroke or cancer. Although cardiovascular disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in America, these diseases can be treated most effectively when detected early. With current advances in treatments, now is the best time to take advantage of early detection screening.
Longevity’s mobile screenings are convenient and highly recommended by leading physicians as part of an annual physical. Find out if you are at risk by taking the opportunity to get screened.


The Executive Portrait Set Up

How this executive portrait was created: Grey seamless. Black gaffing tape marks where Lou should stand. The lighting set up was pretty simple: Camera right is a 4×6′ Larson softbox. Lou is standing just at the edge of the softbox. A white fill card camera left to open up the shadow on the right side of Lou’s face, which would be completely in shadow were it not for the fill card (a 4′ piece of white foam core). Behind Lou on a stand is a Canon 580EX speedlight and a Pocket Wizard III for triggering, with the head zoomed to 24mm, set to manual 1/32 power and a Honl 1/8 grid with speed strap to soften the light. All the lighting is done in camera, not in Adobe Lightroom 4 of Adobe Photoshop. The only retouching that was done was to take some wrinkles out of Lou’s tuxedo shirt.
Camera settings: Canon EOS 1D Mark III, 70mm-200mm 2.8 IS, ISO 200 f8.0, 1/250th sec. The halo behind Lou is approximately 1 stop less than the main light.
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