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Real Estate Photography

Orange County Real Estate Photography

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to work with designer Brooke Schneider owner of Source Design. Photographed a recent design project he finished in an upscale gated community in Tustin Ranch, California, the Marta Residence. Photographing Marta Residence was a pleasure. Clean lines with plenty of natural light amd style. The residence is both contemporary, elegant and approachable, built with family living in mind.
This real estate photography shoot was done for a designer and from a designer’s point of view. However the same production value and craft go into creating showcase images for real estate professionals who are looking to connect with prospective clients. The whole point of real estate photography is to successfully market the listing. And there’s no better way to do it than with excellent real estate photography. Marc is a master at bringing out the best qualities of residential space and design.

orange county real estate photography cover pictures

How To Make Excellent Real Estate Photographs: There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to well executed real estate photography. Below are a small set of images taken on the walk through to get familiar with the layout at Marta Residence. These photographs are quick;y shoot images with no auxiliary lighting, just to give you an idea of what goes into creating architectural and real estate photographs that sell for you.

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These photos above are grab shots, with no auxiliary lighting taken on a property walk through. You may know some people that pass these off as acceptable real estate photos. 🙁


For each of the featured images below, between three to four light set ups were used for each image to bring the ambient room light up in the shadow areas and to highlight key features of each room. This takes time and planning and is a skill set that is gained with years of experience. Great care is taken to have no reflections in mirrors, windows and picture frames from the lighting sources. Hallways are lit to create depth and add drama. Fire was added to the fireplace in post production to give a warm and cozy feeling. Shadows transitions are soft and gentle. Sharp shadows would distract. Some window exposures {in this case the dining room windows} are dropped in afterwards as a second exposure to showcase the view. The patio shots are created with the soft light of a 60″ bounce umbrella to balance what would normally be a dark foreground with the blue sky at sunset. A second remote flash highlights the umbrella from underneath and several auxiliary flashes are used to highlight the foliage.

orange county real estate photographer pictures
orange county real estate photographer picturesorange county real estate photographer picturesorange county real estate photographer picturesorange county real estate photographer picturesorange county real estate photographer picturesorange county real estate photographer pictures