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Visiting Farmer Vic | Windsor CA

Feelance Travel Photographer

Brahma Bulls | Sheep | Emu’s and Ducks

{All photographs taken with the Olympus OMD EM-5 | Processed in Adobe Lightroom 4 & 5 | B & W images post in Nik Silver Efex Pro}
After visiting Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company we decided to settle down in Sonoma for the evening. Or so we thought. The Prius needed a bit of fuel so we pulled into a filling station and put $20 worth of gas into the tank. I’m a planner so I typically make hotel reservation ahead of time when I know our itinerary. But we were going freestyle for the first few days. Just figured we could call up on the fly and grab a cheap hotel room. But Noooooooooooooo! It was high season in Sonoma …. harvest time, and after literally ringing up 45 hotels while sitting in the car at the filling station only to find even an Econo Lodge in Sonoma Valley right near the 101 was $300 bucks a night {wasn’t going to do that}, this freelance travel photographer and his wife were shit out’a luck. And that was the cheapest room available in the Valley. As luck would have it, on a whim I stopped into a Best Western and a lovely young lady said that they were booked but called up one of their sister hotels in Cloverdale who had a room for $178 a night. Bingo! Beats spending the night in the car.
windsor ca farm travel photographer pictures
After a restful nights sleep we headed towards Windsor. Farm country and home of Sonoma Cutrer. One of the many delights of road tripping are the surprises that await around each curve. Meeting Farmer Vic on his farm and being brought down to my knees by his vice like hand shake was painful, but worth the visually delightful surprises on his farm. Vic, 85 years old raises Brahman Bulls, Emu’s, Sheep and Ducks on his farm. {below} An Emu Farmer Vic name Arnold Schwarzzeneger and his mate Maria Shriver was running around the farm liberated after her separation from Ahhnuld.
windsor ca farm travel photographer pictures
windsor ca farm travel photographer pictures