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Orange County California Children’s Halloween Portraits

Happy Silly Little Monsters | Children’s Halloween Portraits

I think this blog post will mark the 1st Annual Little Monster’s Portrait Session a.k.a. Goofy Portraits of Little Monsters Making Silly Faces for Halloween. Every year that Halloween goes by, I’ve wanted to photograph children dressed up in their costumes. Year after year, I always regretted not photographing the little monsters around Orange County. This year I was invited to an elementary school to photograph the ghoulish portraits of these little monsters. I borrowed a page from the talented Max Gerber’s book. Really loved his edgy and inventive backgrounds that he’s used in some of his portraits.
Enjoy the magic of being young and silly. I love photographing kids in any situation. Putting on a costume transports them to some place else. Make believe is such an integral and fun part of being a child. Go on an relive the carefree days of your childhood vicariously through these amazing children.
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