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The Majestic Oregon Coast

Road Tripping Up the Oregon Coast

{All photographs taken with the Olympus OMD EM-5 | Processed in Adobe Lightroom 4 }
There’s allot to fall in love with on the majestic Oregon coast. Unlike the California coast line, the Oregon coast is closer to sea level and much more sparsely populated. The ocean is crystal clear and frgid. We walked down to put our feet in the Pacific and it was so cold my calfs started to cramp up. Below is an image of white sand dunes dotted with Pines that stretched on for 40 miles. The white sand dunes is Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. It was too bloody sunny and too bloody hot to stop and enjoy the dunes, but we will on our next trip. Some dunes reach 100 feet tall. Seemed like every 20 miles or so there was another lake to stop and take in the visual beauty. Oregon is without a doubt the greenest and most densely populated pine tree states we’ve ever visited. We fell deeply in love with the Pacific Northwest and the majestic Oregon coast.
oregon coast editorial photographer picutresoregon coast editorial photographer picutres