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Willamette Valley | Oregon

Home to Hops and Wine Production ….

{All photographs taken with the Olympus OMD EM-5 | Processed in Adobe Lightroom 4 & 5 | B & W images post in Nik Silver Efex Pro}
I was struck by the beauty of the Willamette Valley’s beauty and by the odd airplane on top of a building, home of Evergreen International aviation. There was a super cool air museum with fighter jets parked out front. It’ll have to wait for our next trip to visit. We simply did not have enough time to see everything.

Its no secret that Portland has more breweries than anywhere else on the planet. Portland has 51 breweries. And it gets some of the Hops used in beer production form the Willamette Valley. In recent decades, the valley has also become a major wine producer, with multiple American Viticultural Areas of its own. With a cooler climate than California, the gently rolling hills surrounding the Willamette are home to some of the best (and most expensive) Pinot Noir in the world, as well as a high-quality Pinot Gris. It is home to Eyrie Vineyards, winner of the Pinot noir competition at the Wine Olympics held in Paris in 1979 {source Wikipedia}

willamette valley vineyard pictures