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Tailgating at the San Diego Polo Club

Photographing Classic Cars, Polo Ponies and Vintage Planes

{All photographs taken with the Olympus OMD EM-5 | Zuiko 45mm 1.8, Zuiko 75mm 1.8, Zuiko 12mm-40mm 2.8, Processed in Adobe Lightroom 5 and Nik filters}
This past Sunday my buddy Kevin and a bunch of his friends introduced me to how luxe tailgating at the posh San Diego Polo Club grounds is done. Quite an event….classic and vintage automobiles, gorgeous biplanes and classic World War II era planes, a gaggle of Rolls Royce’s and lots of families having fun. Kevin introduced me to tailgating the right way, with comfortable chairs, a massive 8 foot pop up tent, a cot, tables, and a cooler packed with ice and plenty of cold beer, and snacks. And of course Frisbee! We were one of the first to arrive and staked out some spots for friends too. Getting there early allowed me to photograph without to many people around and I ended up with some very fun images.
classic car photography

vintage 1949 Globe Swift

Vintage 1946 Globe Swift

classic vintage car photographerclassic vintage car photographerclassic vintage car photographerclassic vintage car photographerpolo equestrian photographerpolo equestrian photographerclassic vintage car photographerpolo equestrian photographerclassic vintage plane photographerAt the end of the day, each of the planes {there had to be close to a dozen,} taxied to the long end of the field and flew over us. Then they circled back and made a second pass. It was an intimate setting of a few hundred plus, a very mature and civilized crowd. Everyone was polite and the event went off with out incident. I did manage to save a little dog from getting trampled by the Polo ponies when he ran onto the field after rider and horse when out of bounds and knocked over one of the low wooden rails. This past Sunday I had a great time photographing classic cars, Polo ponies and vintage planes.classic vintage plane photographer