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Aerial Photography from 10,000 Feet | Land-Escapes

Landscapes from Above | Part 2 of 3

{All images photographed with the Olympus OMD EM5 and EM1 and Olympus EVF4 , 45mm 1.8 and the Zuiko 12-40mm 2.8 Pro.}
Part 2 ~ Color Land-Escapes. You can see Part 1 here.
Aerial Photography from 10,000 Feet|Land-Escapes|Part 2 of 3: I love travel. I especially love air travel. Since I’ll be doing allot of traveling over the next year. I’ve started a new photographic project. Land-Escapes. Originally entitled Landscapes from 10,000 feet. My friend Dan Nelson suggested that they be called Land Escapes. I agreed with him and told him I’d steal his idea. All images are shot with my amazing Olympus OMD EM5’s and EM1’s. You can read my real world review for the Olympus OMD’s here. Because I’ve started shooting video now, I’ve also purchased an EM1 which I’m loving. The is part one of a three part installment. If you want to do this, just make sure you get a window seat. I always do. Or the person at the window is going to hate you and elbow you in the face. You can see Part 1 Black & White Land-Escapes here.
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