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Brilliant 8000 Frame Stop Motion

Road Trip – A video from 8000 stills and the Sony RX1 by Ofer Rozenman

At WPPI this year I made a new friend. Spencer Pablo. Spencer is a Sony Artisan & Computer Scientist. He had a sweet little camera that I had never seen before. It is the Sony RX1. A full frame CMOS, 24.3 MP , 35mm f/2 {fixed} Zeiss leaf shutter lens beast that fits in the palm of your hand. Its probably the quintessential street camera with an optional EVF attached.
“Unlike a DSLR, the RX1 uses an in-lens leaf shutter system. This has two distinct benefits over the mechanical shutters that DSLRs systems use – the first being that taking a picture with the RX1 is nearly silent. If you turn off the audio cues, a person standing a a foot or more away would never know that you just took a picture. This makes the RX1 an excellent choice for street photography or other documentary work where you do not want to draw attention to yourself. The second benefit of the leaf shutter is that it allows for flash sync at shutter speeds as high as 1/2000th of a second. If you use a lot of speedlights and studio flashes this is a tremendous advantage because it allows you over power the sun in your exposures…” ~ Peter Adams Photography
Below is a sweet little stop motion project by the talented photographer Ofer Rozenman.

And another from NYC by Ofer Rozenman.