Peak Design Camera Strap Review

Peak Design Camera Strap Review

Peak Design’s Cuff, Leash, and Slide

Lets get this part out of the way. I’m not a big strap fan. That being said there are times when they are essential for me. When I’m photographing a wedding I want one camera on each shoulder. One fitted with a medium to wide angle, say the FE 16-35 f/4 Zeiss OSS or FE 24-70mm f/5 Zeiss OSS and the other fitted with a telephoto, a FE 70-200 f/4 G OSS. This way I’m prepared for anything. And when I’m shooting street. But when I need to have my camera on a tripod for a luxury architectural and real estate shoot, a camera strap just gets in my way. That being said I do own a hand-made red silk Artisan and Artist strap and love it. But I just took it off my Sony a7II in and replaced it with a Peak Design Slide.

Peak Design Slide
Pictured above: The Peak Design Slide on a Sony a7II.

I first took notice of Peak Design’s unique take on the old fashioned camera strap on Colby Brown’s blog and was curious about it. What were these red and black pucks that dangled off his camera? The thought stayed in my periphery. Then I ran into a new friend, Sony Artisan & Computer Scientist Spencer Pablo at WPPI and he had a bunch of Peak Design products he was using.
So, the second day of the trade show {at WPPI} I headed over to the Peak Design booth to get the 411 on their straps and accessories. It was all hands on deck and the both was swamped. I was lucky enough to talk with one of their engineers who was manning their booth. He demoed me on their strap systems. He was kind and patient and took the time to answer all my questions.
Simply looking at their straps its not evident how they work. Their design idea was new to me and very well executed. Remember, I said I’m not a big strap fan. Well, Peak Design took everything I don’t like about straps and made it okay to use them. Why? Keep reading…

“Its kind of like Peak Design reinvented the camera strap.”

Before I get into the part about why. I’ve got to tell you that I’m a fanatic about things that are beautifully crafted. Gear may be extremely functional, but if its ugly I won’t purchase it. Peak Design has hit it squarely in both departments. They produce gorgeously, crafted, functional, camera accessories that work beautifully. Its kind of Peak Design reinvented the camera strap. Oh, I can hear the flak coming from miles away on this one. But its how I feel about their gear. Sure there is Black Rapid and Sun Sniper. But what I personally don’t like about these systems is that they feel awkward to me and they rely on fitting a screw into the quarter-twenty mount on the bottom of the camera. I simply don’t care for the feel and operation of the Black Rapid and Sun Sniper straps.
Peak Design – design features
The Peak Design Standard Plate: With Peak Design the quarter-twenty standard mount plate is one option. It comes with the Slide. And they’ve been smarter with their standard mount design. Peak Design use a Swiss Arca type mounting plate that screws in with a standard screw driver. The bolt is also machined with an allen wrench, included in the packaging, this ensures maximum tightness if you don’t have a screw driver or a quarter on you. And their standard plate also fits into the Manfrotto quick release system or any Swiss Arca style head like the BH-55 Really Right Stuff {which I own} and into a Benro or MeFoto head too. Pretty smart huh?!
But say you don’t want your strap fixed to the bottom of your camera via a plate. Not and issue with Peak Design. This is where their anchor link system comes in to play.

Close up of the anchor links and link clip as featured on the Cuff.

The Peak Design Anchor Link System: Their anchor link system is the connective heart of all their straps systems and what separates Peak Design for all other strap designs. Let’s get right into the heart of the design.
“Anchor Links™ are quick-connectors that can be placed on the ends of any standard camera neck strap, giving it super-fast, uber secure quick-connection capability.”
The cord part of the anchor link is finely woven kevlar. The puck part of the anchor is made of injection molded plastic. As the molten injection molded plastic is extruded, it cools around the kevlar cord making the two inseparable. The anchor link connects to the link clips which are part of every Peak Design camera strap. The link clips are made from technologically advanced glass infused plastic. The anchor link fits into the link clip track with a push of the thumb and is securely locked in place until it is depressed and pushed out from the link clips receptacle. You can not disengage an anchor link accidentally. The anchor link has to be disengaged by applying a decent amount of pressure with your thumb in then needs to be slid out of the link’s receptacle. Its the anchor link and link clips that make the Peak Design straps quick release straps. The anchor link can even be attached to the standard mount so the strap can be removed even if you’ve chosen to attach the plate to the bottom of your camera.
peak design anchor links
Pictured above are the anchor links and link clips. Each Peak Design strap comes complete with its owb anchor links and anchor clips.

The Peak Design Slide: Showing a clip link and detached anchor link.

Demonstration images of how the anchor link attaches to the clip link.

Once engaged, the anchor link makes both a tactile and auditory signal. You can feel and hear the engagement and locking of the anchor link into the anchor clop. The same can be said for disengagement of the anchor link. Just so I am clear, it does take forceful thumb pressure to lock and unlock the anchor link.

Peak Design: Cuff
Total security for the true minimalist. Cuff™ is a camera wrist strap that uses our patent-pending Anchor Link™ quick-connection system. Releases with one hand and can be connected to your camera in a variety of locations. When not in use it can be worn around your wrist like a bracelet. Comes with 2 Anchors for attachment.
Peak Design Camera Strap Review
The Cuff is a light unobtrusive wrist strap perfect for street shooting when you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you have a camera strap slung across your body.

Peak Design Camera Strap Review
One thing I noticed immediately is Peak Design’s packaging. Their attention to detail is carried out from their slick packaging, graphics and easy visual access to the gear. Very smart. That same attention to detail is carried through on the look and feel of each one of their camera straps.

Untitled 3.tiff
Peak Design Cuff

Peak Design: Leash
Leash™ can adapt to any camera and any shooting situation. Easily configure Leash™ as a sling strap, neck strap, safety tether, video stabilizer and more. When you don’t need a strap, Leash™ quickly disconnects and stores in your pocket, purse or camera bag. Leash uses Peak’s patent-pending Anchor Link™ connection system and comes with 4 Anchors for attachment.
For a low profile strap get the Leash. And adjustable cross body strap.

Peak Design: Slide
Slide™ is made of 45mm tubular seatbelt-style webbing with internal padding. Slide™ has aluminum quick-adjusters and Peak’s patent-pending Anchor Link™ quick-connectors. Comes with 4 Anchors and 1 Standard Plate for attachment.
The Slide is my favorite strap from Peak Design. I plan and purchasing one more. In addition to being a more robust heavy duty and wider gauge strap than the leash, the slide is also a rapid | quick adjust strap via the metal adjustment tabs.

Peak Design Camera Strap Review
Some detail images of the Slide strap.