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Executive Portraits | Luxury Real Estate Brokers

Relaxed and Friendly Executive Portraits

Updating your brand is crucial in the luxury real estate market. Keeping your look fresh and polished with a current executive portrait is vital to your brand. Relaxed and friendly is the new genre of executive portraits for luxury real estate brokers. Blue backgrounds are out. Contemporary backgrounds like stark white and slate gray are the new guard in executive portraiture. Recently I was contacted by a prestigious Carlsbad real estate brokerage firm who wanted to update their executive portraits with a more relaxed and contemporary look. Their old executive portraits were done in house, in black and white and were less flattering.
We discussed the look they wanted and settled on a stark white background. All executive portraits were created on site at their offices, using state of the art Profoto lighting gear and an Elinchrom Rotalux 39″ deep octa box. Speedlights were used on the background to eliminate shadow and clean up the whites. For maximum detail, a 42 megapixel Sony a7rii and a Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 lens was used for clarity and perfect color. A silver reflector was used camera left as a fill for the ladies and no fill for the gentlemen created a more masculine look…hence, the shadow camera left.
Clothing choice, accessories, and professional hair and makeup for women are key components in creating a flattering and professional executive portrait. For men: ties, shirts and suit choices are discussed in great detail. Patterns are typically played down. Clothing color is another important factor that plays a part with skin tone and eye color. I always encourage my clients to bring extra clothing choices. Each client also receives our Executive Portrait Clothing Guide with tips and clothing suggestions so that each executive will look their best.
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