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SmartAlbums – Album Design Software For Photographers

Quick Intuitive and Versatile Album Design Software For Photographers

I’m delighted to announce a new industry partnership with P˙XELLU the creator of SmartAlbums – Album Design Software For Photographers. I was searching for an elegant solution to streamline my album production. I needed something that was intuitive to work with….had a minimal learning curve, and that I could easily make page design changes and client album review design tweaks. I love the fact that creating and making an album page now literally takes seconds instead of minutes. For me SmartAlbums is revolutionary. Albums used to take me several hours to design. {I had to think hard whether I wanted to share this fact because clients might read my blog. But I believe in transparency.} Now it only takes me about 30 minutes to design a complete album.

The fastest, easiest and most intuitive album design software available.

With a very easy learning curve, you can create your first album quickly with Smart Albums. I’d suggest watching their well-made, short video tutorials before using the software. The video tutorials have some tips and tricks which are really useful. Each video is about 2 minutes. On the first page just scroll down and watch the video. And for more in-depth features click on the “Features” tab at the top of their website…and watch the video. At the bottom of the Features page, you’ll see icons for Drag and Drop, Timeline, Presets ,Proofing, Other Features. Each icon has its own mini video tutorial. You’ll notice how organized and clearly their website is designed. The clear and concise method is carried out in their Smart Album design software.
SmartAlbums - Album Design Software For Photographers

Peace of mind.

There are not a million things to memorize or figure out. SmartAlbums does one thing brilliantly. It helps you design gorgeous, elegant albums quickly. Peace of mind. Smart Albums comes pre-loaded with over 100 albums and lab company presets. So you can “Forget bleeds, safe zones, and all other print jargon; SmartAlbums has got you covered! Select from dozens of available lab company presets and rest easy knowing your album files are accurate and print-ready.” Recently I needed to make a Bay Photo press printed book. At the beginning of the design session, you simply choose your album company, chose the album size, and all the bleeds and safe zones are automatically input. Just start to design. It’s that simple.

The easiest way to design your albums.

I’m copying this text verbatim because it’s really this simple: “Pixellu™ SmartAlbums® puts thousands of professionally-designed templates at your fingertips while giving you full creative freedom. Select your images, drag, and drop, and immediately see a design. It’s that simple. With beautiful layouts to choose from, easy customization, and time-saving technologies, there is no better way to design your album.” Here’s the crazy thing. If you don’t like the automated design you can change it with your arrow keys and even go in and manually tweak the design.

Full Functioning 30 Day Trial

They believe in what they are producing. SmartAlbums offers a full functioning 30 Day Trial. This means you can design a full functioning high-resolution album in PSD or Jpeg and have it ready for print and bind. No restrictions. So go ahead download it and try it for 30 days for free. If you’re like me you’ll get hooked on it and want to use SmartAlbums to up your album game and to save you time so you can relax, go do some yoga, workout, or spend time with your family.

SmartAlbums Is More Than Just Album Design Software

I want to share a secret with you. I use SmartAlbums to design my marketing pieces. Recently, I designed a Blurb magazine for my food photography. The magazine is pricey {between $5 and $9 depending on how many pages} but it looks and feels just like a high-end magazine. It’s used as a leave-behind marketing piece when I have a face to face pitch with a restaurant or chef that I’m interested in working with. A marking piece of this quality elevates your work and leaves a lasting impression. Using SmartAlbums, I set up a custom page size and tweaked my page design to create a standout marketing piece. It was simple and quick and I’m super pleased with the results.
SmartAlbums - Album Design Software For Photographers

The Coolest Feature

For me, the coolest feature in SmartAlbums is the Timeline. After you’ve loaded your images into the software’s image browser. You drag and drop your images onto the Timeline. Then you can place your cursor where you want to take a break or cut {aka page sperators} as in “these are the images I’m grouping together to use an album page.” Whamo! The images where you made the break/cut are automatically loaded to create a spread design.