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Congratulations to Golden Bachelder

Direct TV Commercial Spot

irvine teen headshot photographer
Congratulations to our client Golden Bachelder on securing a wickedly funny Direct TV commercial spot! Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate to photograph Golden’s headshots. He’s a very handsome looking teenager with chilled features. His dream is to be an actor and TV personality. The other day I ran into his dad on a shoot and asked how Golden was doing. He told me that Golden was relentless and kept going on castings and readings until had landed a role in this series of Direct TV commercials. Funny thing is that I’ve seen these a few times and didn’t even realize he was staring in them. The series is really witty and well done. IMHO it will be on the air for quite a while. It hits all the right keys with frugal wit. Its proof positive that persistence pays off. Congratulations Golden on following your dream!

Editorial Photographer