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Irvine Pet Photography English Bulldog Puppy

12 Week Old English Bulldog Puppy

Gear: Sony a7sii, a7s, 90mm f/2.8 Macro and 70-200mm f/2.8 G Mater.
A few years ago I started Blueyedawg Pet Photography.  Since then I’ve had the opportunity to photograph hundreds of family pets….notably the family dog.  Which in most cases is simply another family member, excpet with four legs and a tail. Here’s a session I did a couple of weeks ago with Ryker.  The most adorable 12 week old English Bulldog on the planet.  Ryker is already listening to sit and stay commands and is a bundle of love.  In order for me to get some of these shots, I was laying on my belly in the grass.  Ryker would occasionally come run over to me and start licking my face. I seriously want to take him home with me.  But his mom and dad wouldn’t have it.  I love being a family pet photographer!  Follow my escapades on Instagram. If you are looking for ridiculously remarkable photographs of your pet send me an email or give me a call.

 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0001irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0002 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0003 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0004 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0005 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0006irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0007 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0008 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0009 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0010 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0011

irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0013 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0014 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0015 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0016 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0017 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0018 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0019 irvine-pet-photography-english-bulldog-puppy-_0020