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Destination Beverly Hills Farmers Market | Portrait Photography Book Cover

I recently had the pleasure and opportunity of doing photographing famed, Swedish, best selling cookbook author Sanna Ehdin in Beverly Hills for the cover of her new cookbook. The shoot took place on a brilliantly sunny day at the Beverly Hills Farmers Market. Sanna is a free spirit who splits her time between Los Angeles and Sweden.
So, how in the world could this possibly have anything to do with wedding photography? Simple. Making people look beautiful and relaxed is what I do. And on your wedding day I’m creating gorgeous portraits of you and your families. How do I do it effortlessly? Well, there’s a little secret that I’ll share with you. As a professional wedding and portrait photographer the first step before I even lift the camera to my eye is forming a connection/relastionship with my client. I do some homework ahead of time. I always chit chat get involved in some laughter before my shoots. Laughter is like helium. It lightens up everything and warms up any situation. Another thing I do, is always show up early to my shoots to find the best light and the best background.

Photographing People is all about forming a connection. Engagement Photography is not only for those that are engaged.

First comes the connection then the light. I choose my background last. In this case I shoot at the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market which is buffeted by some tall buildings creating a wide swath of open shade. Open shade is a photographer’s best friend. When finding the light I’m also looking for the direction of the light. Ten years ago in the beginning of my photography career this was a challenge. Now I don’t even give it a second thought. I just comes naturally.
Finding the sweet light, knowing my gear so well that i don’t need to think about it, using the right lens and the best location are all key ingredients to making a flattering portrait. Take a look at any of my portraits in the blog. A common theme emerges that unify all of them. The focus in on my client, they are relaxed and the background falls off to a nice blur (a.k.a. bokeh: from boke (暈け or ボケ) in Japanese, meaning blur).
Remember earlier I mentioned connecting with my client. Here’s the thing…that secret I was alluding to earlier. I keep connected with my client the whole time I’m shooting. The exception is when I’m in p.j. (photojournalism) mode. Because I’ve smartly chosen my light, know my gear so well that I don’t need to think about using it and have selected the most flattering lenses I can be playful and engage fully with my client and create beautiful images. There is nothing distracting me. I’m in the moment with my client and she/he/they are in the moment too fully engaged in what’s happening. Time disappears and people’s real personality comes out to play. It’s the inner beauty (not thae fake persona) that I want to capture.
We all have insecurities. In my opinion everyone is at their best when they are relaxed and happy. As a sensitive human being and a professional photographer, I can tell at a glance, if someone is apprehensive or completely relaxed. Keeping the connection going while I’m behind my lens while allows me to make sure you are at your best when I’m photographing you.

Sanna wrote me an email from Sweden:
“Marc, I just want to send a short note and say that the photos you took of me are sooo appreciated and I am very happy for them. The cover looks great and the pics have just the quality of earthiness, femininity, strength, fun and health that I want to put out there. Thanks from my heart Marc! It means a lot to me.”

P.S. One of my favorite things to do is create gorgeous portraits on location and in my studio. It’s always a new adventure getting to know some one and finding out what makes them relaxed and happy.
P.P.S. If you don’t already know it. I’m a huge foodie and wine lover. In my previous life I was a restaurant baby and worked my way up the ranks from dishwasher to executive chef in NYC. So, when I visited the Beverly Hills Farmers Market (which is open on Sundays) I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of selection. All of the produce is regional, super fresh with a smattering of boutique cheeses and even a gourmet selection of fresh dates. Yummy! A trip to the Beverly Hills Famer’s Market is totally worth your time. Next time your headed up Los Angeles on a Sunday check it out. It’s just off Wilshire and Burton Way.
Venue Info
Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market is located on the 9300 block of Civic Center Drive and is open Sunday from 9am-1pm, rain or shine.




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